Badger – Past Events

Summer Term 2019

We have had a great start to Dinosaur Week. Look at what we found in the playground!

There are dinosaurs everywhere.

We had an exiting visitors today. A dinosaur called Jam!

Science Day!

We had a brilliant time doing lots of different science activities today.


We have been learning about different Queens.  Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Elizabeth II.  We enjoyed looking at artifacts and guessing which era they belonged to.

Sports Day


Banquet Day

 The Badgers stepped back into history today.

We had lots of fun making rules for our kingdom, dancing in Medieval style, building castles, icing biscuits and of course eating them at the feast. 


We had a brilliant trip to Fort Nelson

(even though we were a bit damp).

Happy Outdoor Learning Day!

Here we are at The Heath.

We are having lots of fun in Maths Week. Thank you to the grown ups who came to play games with us.

We found lots of interesting plants in the Physic Garden. It was a bit too wet to draw them so we took some lovely photographs and drew them when we got back to school.


Spring Term 2019

Fantastic Easter bonnets Badgers!

Story Telling Week

We loved sharing stories with Kingfishers Class

World Book Day

Can you guess who we are dressed as?

We worked with Open Box Theatre Company to learn about Antarctica, we had great fun too.

Autumn Term 2018


Our performance of Hey Ewe was fantastic, we hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did.

We enjoyed a delicious Christmas lunch today.

Children in Need

We loved bringing our toys to school today. Badgers class collected £50 for Children in Need. Fantastic!

Habitat Day

We worked together to make pictures of different habitats and the animals we might find in them.

Look at these super collages of animals in their habitats.

Today we had a visit from Blue the dog and his owners.  We learnt all about how to take care of a dog properly and we listened to his heart!



We had a visit today from 3 special animals.  Mrs Puttock brought in her pet Tortoises.  They were called Florence, Bertie and Joey!  

We had a visit today from a Rabbit today! We learnt how to take care of her.

Today we enjoyed meeting Freddie and Misty. We found out how to look after dogs.

Summer Term 2018

We are having a great World Week.

India is a fascinating country.

What a great Sports Day we had. The Badgers were sporting superstars.

Science Day

We had a brilliant Science Day. We had to complete the egg challenge and make packaging to stop an egg from getting broken, we watched what happened to ‘Skittles’ sweets when water is added. We TRIED to make giant bubbles (apparently not all experiments work!) and we made floating Water Lilys from different types of paper.


Banquet Day

We had a fantastic Banquet Day. We had a ‘real’ knight who came to visit. We built castles, made bunting, decorated biscuits which we ate as part of our royal banquet. 


Father’s Day Breakfast

Our Fort Nelson Trip!

We had a fantastic day at Fort Nelson. We saw the poppies, made catapults, watched a ballista being fired, walked through a very dark tunnel and around the museum. 

It was such a busy day that some of us fell asleep on the way home!

Thank you to all of the grown ups for helping us. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

Thank you to all our grown ups for helping to make our

Maths Games Afternoon such fun. 

What a lovely morning to be Science Detectives at The Heath.

We looked very closely at the plants in The Physic Garden and drew them carefully.

We enjoyed making sculptures with willow.

Spring Term 2018

Sport Relief Superstars!

Tasty lunch with our grown ups!

It was great to be joined by so many people for our Writing Workshop.

We have learned so much about Fire Safety with Hampshire Education Fire Service.

World Book Day was worth waiting for!


Cricket was great fun!

We had some special visitors.

We were really proud of our models and  books. 

We had fun on our new playground equipment.

Great Scott!

We enjoyed finding out what a modern explorer might take on an expedition.

A new coat for Captain Scott.

In science we investigated different materials to find out which was most waterproof.