Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (E.S.D.)

What do we mean by ‘sustainable’?

Sustainable development means finding solutions that improve people’s quality of life without damaging the environment & without storing up problems for the future. Sustainable development is a way of thinking about our lives & work (including the education system) so that we don’t destroy our most precious resource – the planet. A sustainable school places pupils & the school community at the centre of its efforts to build a culture of care. Care also involves taking responsibility. If we all take this on board there is greater ownership in & commitment to, the schools success. Sustainable development helps to inspire pupils & teachers & gets parents & others involved in activities to improve the school.

The government expects schools to respond to the challenge by empowering young people to lead sustainable lives & by becoming models of good practice for their communities. At Petersfield Infant school we are following a system chosen by the National Framework to support schools in becoming sustainable. This is based around 8 areas called Doorways. Some doorways we are already familiar with – others may be totally new to us.The doorways are all interlinked with Food & drink at the core as it affects us as individuals. Buildings & Grounds, Purchasing & Waste, Travel & Traffic, Inclusion & Participation all affect us at school level, Local Well Being affects us at a community level and Global Dimension is looking at the bigger picture.

Our journey so far…

This post was created in January 2008. At that time, Objective 3 of the School Strategic Plan outlined a  plan which would enable our school to become sustainable within 3 years, achieving Eco-Schools awards along the way.

Each term, an Action Plan was drawn up by staff to develop the following areas:

We did it!! We and and Eco-School!!


We have now achieved the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award!!

Two Eco-School Assessors visited our school at the end of term who felt ‘the school was incredibly proactive’ in all areas of sustainability. This award is the culmination of 3 years focus on making our school sustainable and joining the other 15 schools in Hampshire who share this award really is the icing on the cake!

Damian Hinds M.P. came to visit our school and raised our Eco-Schools Green Flag!

Our Eco-Schools Green Flag was finally raised in May 2011 by Damian Hinds M.P. Mr Hinds was joined by members of the Governors and the District Council as well as the Directors of Agincourt Contractors Ltd, who kindly supplied and fitted our wonderful flagpole.The whole school came out to sing in the sunshine and watch the flag being raised.

If you would like to be more involved with sustainability at our school, please contact me! If you would like to find out more about sustainability, why not look at the websites below.

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