Sustainable Development

Education for Sustainable Development (E.S.D.)

What do we mean by ‘sustainable’?

Sustainable development means finding solutions that improve people’s quality of life without damaging the environment & without storing up problems for the future. Sustainable development is a way of thinking about our lives & work (including the education system) so that we don’t destroy our most precious resource – the planet. A sustainable school places pupils & the school community at the centre of its efforts to build a culture of care. Care also involves taking responsibility. If we all take this on board there is greater ownership in & commitment to, the schools success. Sustainable development helps to inspire pupils & teachers & gets parents & others involved in activities to improve the school.

The government expects schools to respond to the challenge by empowering young people to lead sustainable lives & by becoming models of good practice for their communities.

Our journey so far…

At Petersfield Infant school we are on a journey to become and Eco-School. Throughout the 2020/21 academic year we aim to implement sustainability into the school curriculum and it’s ethos. A child led Eco-Committee have created an Action Plan and have found three points of development which are now being addressed throughout all year groups in the school. The Action Plan has been informed by an Environmental review which took place in the Autumn term. The children’s findings showed that the school needs to cut down on paper waste, find safer and more economical ways to travel to school and to reduce the amount of single use plastic.

Mural created by Year 2 pupils with Vicki Ostersen from Tree Frog Art


Where are we now?

Following the completion of the Environmental Review and the implementation of an Action Plan the school set to work on creating a plan for the next academic year. Here is a list of some of the things we have done so far:

  • Successful Eco-Week to launch the school year
  • Took part in Clean Air Day and won an air flow monitor for the school
  • Created a mural and received recognition from Prince Charles and Sir David Attenborough
  • Launched the ‘Walk Once a Week’ travel scheme
  • Embedded sustainable ideas into lesson plans
  • Took part in Waste Week
  • Continued to regularly recycle different items at the school recycling centre
  • Granted funds from the local council to purchase new and safer compost and recycling facilities
  • Received the bronze award for STARs travel awards


So far the school has received both the bronze and silver Eco-Schools awards. Follow us on our journey to the Green Flag award!

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