Hedgehogs – Past Events

Spring Term 2018

The Fire Service came to teach us about fire safety.

We looked fantastic when we dressed up as different characters for World Book Day.

Great Scott

We have been learning about Scott of the Antarctic. 

In Science we investigated which material would make the best coat for Scott.

Autumn Term 2017

We had fun with our cuddly toys for Children in Need.

The Hedgehogs love reading!

We had some very exciting animal visitors!

Our topic is The Secret Life of Animals.  We have been finding out about what animals eat, where they live and how to keep them healthy.

Our Trip to TESCO!

 A big thank you to all the parents who helped us. We had a wonderful time making our bread.


Summer Term 2017


Well-Being Week.

This week we are thinking about the importance of our well-being. Throughout the week we are focusing on 5 different areas. These being: connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and be creative and play. Look at some of the things we have done so far:

We have had lots of fun popping bubbles and then taking some time to take notice of the things around us.

We then planted some seeds with Mrs Topp and tried some Onion Bahjis with Mrs Saddulah.

We have been working together to create a piece of ‘Bottle Top Art’. Can you tell what pictures we have created?

We have also had lots of fun doing Zumba with Mrs Powney. Look at our groovy moves!

Today we were talking about ‘Keeping Active’ and why it is important for our Well-Being. We had a very tiring running session with Mrs Mant.

We all stuck at it which meant Miss Hook was so proud of us all! Well done Hedgies!

Today we were ‘Being Creative’. We spent the morning taking part in an Art Carousel where we could create a model using junk and we used watercolours and crayons to create a picture.

We then tried Yoga with Elsa. It was very peaceful and relaxing! Ask us to show you the moves we learnt.

We then

Science Day!

We have had an amazing Science Day.

We worked together as a team to try and create some packaging in order for Mrs Ballinger to keep her eggs safe. Mrs Anderson then dropped them from a great height to test to see if our packaging would stop our egg from breaking. We managed to save 2 eggs.

We then had lots of fun watching the Mentos make the fizzy drink explode.

We then explored some giant bubbles and made some floating flowers out of paper. Ask us how they work.

We then made our very own rainbow with the skittles.

We have had a super day!

We all had a super sports day!

 Banquet Day!

We had an amazing but very busy day! We all looked absolutely fantastic dressed as Knights, Squires, Princesses, Queens and Dragons. 

Our trip to Fort Nelson.

We had a fantastic time exploring Fort Nelson. Look at some of the things we have got up too.

Thank you to all of the grown-ups who helped!

Cooking For All

We had lots of fun making Fruit Smoothies! Some of us were very brave and tried it. Why don’t you have a go at making it at home?

We have had some very special guests for lunch this week!

Dungeons and Dragons!

This half term our topic is all about Castles, so today we talked about Crowns and who would wear one. We then decided to make our own.


Science Morning at the Heath!

We had a fantastic time at the Heath being ‘Science Detectives’.

Maths Games Afternoon!

We had lots of fun playing different maths games this afternoon. Thank you to all the grown ups who joined us to help us play them.

Today we went to Tesco. First we searched the shop floor for fruits and vegetables.

After that we made funny faces using fruit and vegetables – which we really enjoyed eating!!

Secret Garden.

As part of our ‘Secret Garden’ topic, we visited the Physic Garden in Petersfield to look at the beautiful flowers and plants. We enjoyed being artists for the morning and drawing the plants that we saw.


We all looked very colourful in our Easter Bonnets!

We all looked fabulous dressed in red for Red Nose Day!

We all pulled the funniest face we could to show our support for Comic Relief!

Fire Service Visit!

Today we had Sandra and Karen from the Fire Service visit us in school. We had lots of fun pretending to be firefighters, playing fire safety board games and reading stories. Look at what we got up too!


This half term our topic is all about the ‘Great Fire of London.’ On Monday we had a very special visit from Mr Neal, who is a Fireman. He talked to us about all the things he did.


World Book Day!

We celebrated World Book Day by dressing up as our favourite story character. We all looked absolutely fabulous!


Igloo Exhibition!

Have a look at our fantastic shelters and igloos for our Year 1 Exhibition. 

Great Scott!

This half term our topic is all about Scott of the Antarctic. We found an explorers bag and look at the different things that we found inside.

 Clay Animals!

We have been having lots of fun exploring clay. From this exploration we used the pulling and pinching technique to make animals that live in Antarctica.