Hedgehogs – Past Events

Autumn Term 2018


In the Autumn Term we found out about animals.

Mrs Puttock brought her tortoises into school for us to learn about.

Summer Term 2018

We all looked fantastic on Banquet Day!

We had a special visit from Sir Ralph the story teller and enjoyed feasting and dancing in the hall.

We had a great Sports Day!

Our Fort Nelson Trip

We looked at the poppies, explored Fort Nelson and learnt how to make a catapult.

We had a fantastic day!


We helped to build a new willow dome in our playground.

Hedgehogs visited Petersfield Library.

We looked closely at the plants in the Physic Garden then drew them carefully.

We enjoyed eating lunch with our parents.

Spring Term 2018

The Fire Service came to teach us about fire safety.

We looked fantastic when we dressed up as different characters for World Book Day.

Great Scott

We have been learning about Scott of the Antarctic. 

In Science we investigated which material would make the best coat for Scott.