Vision, Mission Statement, Aims, Values and Ethos


(Where we are going)

Be The Best You Can Be!

Image result for 21st century leGACY LOGO be the best you can beFollowing on from the Olympic Games in London 2012, our school decided to adopt the 21st Century Legacy programme entitled ‘Be the Best you can Be.’ The sheer dedication and hard work that every athlete put into achieving their dreams was something that we wanted to instil into every child and adult in our school. We wanted to catch the Olympic stardust and challenge both the children and adults to follow their own dreams, whatever they may be.


(What we are here to do)

We are a learning community which encourages everyone to achieve their maximum potential within a secure, stimulating and happy environment.

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(What we intend to achieve)

  • create a secure, stimulating and happy learning environment with a friendly atmosphere and a strong sense of community

  • promote high expectations of learning and behaviour

  • value and encourage active parental involvement in their child’s learning with exchange of ideas and information

  • nurture and develop the essential life skills of self motivation, self esteem and the will to succeed

  • give everyone opportunities to develop their skills to the best of their ability and to celebrate all successes

  • develop the enthusiasm and processes which enable life long learning

  • ensure a confident and positive start to children’s school life, recognising and building on their previous knowledge, experience and understanding

  • ensure strong links are maintained with local educational settings as well as our local and wider community

  • promote education for sustainable development and citizenship


(What we believe in)


We believe that the most effective learner is the child who is truly independent in their approach to the way they learn. We promote this through the 4Rs of Resilience, Resourcefulness, Reflectiveness and Reciprocity which are the key values of Building Learning Power developed by Professor Guy Claxton.


When you become a resilient learner, you become ready, willing and able to lock on to learning. You will become absorbed in what you are learning and be able to avoid distractions and minimise the disruptions. You will be able to notice everything that is out there and be able to stick at what you are doing and show perseverance to get a job done.




When you become a resourceful learner, you become ready, willing and able to learn in a variety of different ways. You will be able to ask good questions to extend your knowledge and you will be wanting to find things out at greater depth. You will be making links with your previous learning and you will know where to go to find things out.




When you become a reflective learner, you become ready, willing and able to think more strategically about your learning. You will plan ahead and modify things along the way to make them better. You will be able to think back over your learning to see how you might have improved it and you will be able to evaluate your work by yourself and also with others.




When you become a reciprocal learner, you become ready, willing and able to work collaboratively with others and to work on your own. You will become a good listener and be empathetic to those around you. You will also imitate others and pick up ways of learning that suit you best.




At our school, we actively promote the British Values in our classrooms, through assemblies and in our everyday conversations with our pupils.


In our school we have elected a school council so that we make sure every child has a voice.

The Rule of Law

We know that we must have rules to follow in school.

There are also rules of law beyond our school that keep us all safe.

Individual Freedom

We encourage the children to make their own choices in a safe and happy environment.

Mutual Respect

Everyone is special. Everyone is different.

We listen, respect and value what everyone says.

We wanted to create our own British Values poster that the children had designed. Each year group was given one to illustrate. The school councilors voted for the best one. A poster was then made which is on display in the school hall and in every classroom. We have also created our own British Values song, which the children all love to sing!