Welcome to the Penguins Class Page

We have had an amazing Animal Day, look at our fabulous costumes!

Longdown Activity Farm

We have had a busy day being farmers at Longdown Activity Farm!

We held chicks, stroked rabbits and guinea pigs

We went on a very bumpy tractor ride!

We fed the hungry goats!

We found the slides and hay bales!

We fed the kids!

We collected the eggs from the chickens, we needed to carefully carry them back to the farm shop without dropping them!

Then we had a well deserved picnic after all of that work!

We really enjoyed playing Maths Games this afternoon! Thank you to everyone that came into play with us!






Look at our amazing superhero costumes!

We have worked so hard on making superhero costumes at home for our home learning challenge this half term. We had a brilliant time parading our costumes for all of our grown ups to see.

Free the Peas!

We have been reading the story Supertato. Today we discovered some peas trapped in jelly in our classroom. We needed to write instructions about how to free the peas, then we used our instructions to free the peas!

Trip to the Heath!

We enjoyed a trip to the Heath to see how it had changed since Autumn.  We spotted lots of signs of springs, like new flowers and plants.  We also saw that the coots had been laying eggs in their nests and even saw a terrapin!  Thank you to all the grown ups that came along and made it possible!


We have been writing our very own Superhero Passports, then we used the Green Screen APP on the iPad to create photos to go with them!

Willow Building

We have been learning all about our new Willow dome and how to care for it. We have enjoyed watching the Willow dome being built from our classroom! We helped to make craft items from Willow, including some living pencils that we will watching grow and then will be using them in school!


Hello! We are the Perfect Penguins.

Our PE day is Wednesday.

Our Library day is Friday.

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