Puffins – Past Events

Spring Term 2020

In Art we have been learning about Claude Monet. We looked at his beautiful garden in France and used our fingers to create our own.

Autumn Term 2019

We hope you all enjoyed the Christingle concert. Happy Christmas to you all.

Thank you to Churcher’s College for letting us swim . We had such an amazing time and learn to swim too!

We had the most delicious Christmas lunch.Thank you to all the kitchen staff.

In Science we carried out an investigation. We had to make a prediction and then investigate! Can you guess from the photos what the investigation was about?

R.E Day was so interesting because we learnt why candles are important to Jews and Christians. We learnt all about Hanukkah and Advent. We even had a visit from a Rabbi.

We all brought in our favourite cuddly toys and made a donation for children in need.

We had a fantastic Drama session called ‘All around the world’ which was so much fun. We travelled to Australia!!

We have been learning all about the story of the Gunpowder plot in History. We had to sequence the story today. What a fascinating story it is!

In PDL we had an exciting debate. It was our first ever debate and we even had a democratic vote at the end.

We are the practically perfect puffins!

Summer Term 2019

We had an exciting visit from T-Rex today and learnt so much too. Then we made our very own dinosaur fossils. What a fantastic week we’ve had.

We used old shoe boxes to make amazing dinosaur dioramas. Check out some of them!

Wow! Dinosaur week started with an exciting discovery of five enormous eggs in a huge nest! We painted sunsets and added dinosaur silhouettes. Can you name each one?

Science Day has been amazing. We hope you enjoy looking at our photos.

We had so much fun when The Happy Puzzle Company came to our school. We worked in teams to try and solve some really tricky puzzles.

Maths Week was so much fun because we made our very own maths games. Our parents and grandparents came to school to play them with us. Who do you think won?!

Spring Term 2019


Happy Easter everyone!

Thank you to all the children and parents for the outstanding projects. We looked at them all and were so impressed.

Can you guess all of our characters? Happy World Book Day!

We shared the books that we brought to school with our classmates. We love dressing up and sharing books.

This week is World Book Week. We had a ‘Readathon’ and some children from Year 1 came to read with us in our class. Some of the Puffins went to read downstairs with Year 1 children. It was so lovely to share books.

Some of our grandparents came in today so we could spend some time ‘surfing the net’ together. It was so much fun!