Rabbits – Past Events

Summer Term 2019

Dinosaur Week!

On Tuesday, we discovered a nest of huge eggs in our playground!

We have been doing lots of exciting activities and learning all about dinosaurs!

Today we had a very special visitor called Jam!! 


We also became movie stars and made our own movies running away from dinosaurs!


We are now experts at dinosaurs –  ask a member of the Rabbits Class to tell you all about them!

Science Day

We had a super day today and enjoyed lots of science experiments. 

Some of us even came to school dressed as mad scientists!!

Sports Day

We had a super time on Sports Day.  We would like to thank all of our grown ups for coming to support us!


Banquet Day

As the finale to our topic of ‘Dragons and Dungeons’ we had our very own Banquet Day today!  We made our crowns, iced our biscuits and enjoyed medieval dancing!  We had such fun!

An ‘Eggciting’ Surprise!!

Today we found an enormous egg in our school playground!  Ask the Rabbits to tell you where they thought the egg came from, what they thought was inside, what would happen next and what did happen next! …

Fort Nelson!

We had a super time visiting Fort Nelson today!  We learned all about castles and how catapults and trebuchets worked.  Ask a member of the Rabbits Class to tell you all about their visit!

Happy Puzzle Day!

We enjoyed a special treat today as we were given challenges to complete puzzles in our groups – ask a member of Rabbits Class to find out how we got on!

Our Trip to Petersfield Heath!

Today to celebrate Outdoor Learning Day and to celebrate the end of our growing topic, we went to The Heath and were Science Detectives, making artwork like Andy Goldsworthy and identifying different plants and trees.  We would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to all our grown ups who came with us to enjoy the Science Detectives Trip!


Maths Games Afternoon!

To celebrate Maths Week our grown ups came to enjoy playing games with us this afternoon.  We brought some of our favourite games from home and played games we had made at school.

Road Safety Magic Show!

Today David Tricks the magician came to our school to tell us some top tips about road safety – ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you how to cross the road – Stop, Look, Listen and Think!

Saint Peters Church Exhibition

Today we went to Saint Peters Church to see our wonderful learning we made with Mrs Ostersen – it was absolutely magical and so exciting to see!  If you have any spare time, please feel free to visit the Church to enjoy the exhibition too!

Special Visitors in Rabbits Class!!

We really enjoyed meeting the bunnies today – ask a member of the rabbits class to tell you all about them!


Our Visit to the Physic Garden!

As part of our new topic ‘Secret Garden’ we went to the Physic Garden in Petersfield to look at plants and flowers.  We had a brilliant time and these are some photographs of our favourite plants and flowers.  We found a very funny sounding plant – ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you!

Spring Term 2019

Happy Easter Everyone!!

A big THANK YOU to all our grown ups for helping us make our amazing Easter bonnets!!

Look who has come to visit us in year 1!  We enjoyed holding the chicks and learning all about them this afternoon. 

As part of learning about our British Values, we had a democratic vote to name the chicks – ask a member of Rabbits to tell you their new names!

Parent Workshops – Mathematics!

Today our grown ups came to visit us in our Mathematics lesson.  We showed them how we are learning to subtract by using tens frames, number lines and drawing pictures!  We would like to thank everyone for coming and hope they enjoyed it as much as we did!

NSPCC Big Workout!


We all enjoyed a very energetic and fun Zumba workout today to raise money for the NSPCC.  Please don’t forget to bring your sponsor envelopes in and post them in the Buddy Box in our classroom!


World Book Day!

Everyone had a great time during World Book Day – we all dressed up as different characters!  We would like to thank all our grown ups for helping us with our costumes – they were absolutely amazing!


Silver Surfers!

Today some of our grown ups came to school to learn how to play our games using the internet!

We had such a great time!  Thank you for coming – we hope you enjoyed yourselves as much as we did!

Scott of the Antarctic!

As part of our Art curriculum we have been making penguins out of clay!  Look at our amazing results!!

Today we enjoyed looking at an explorer’s bag and examined all the exciting things we found inside! 

Last week we had the Open Box Theatre Company come to visit our school.  We had so much fun!  We travelled to the Antarctic, set up our camp, walked across the snow with our skis, practised moving like seals and waddling like penguins!  A big ‘thank you’ to the Open Box Theatre staff for such a fantastic experience!

Autumn Term 2018

Hey Ewe!

We hope you all enjoyed our performance of Hey Ewe!  We would like to thank our grown ups for our amazing costumes and for being such great audiences! 

Merry Christmas everyone!

A special day and a very special visitor!!

Today we had a special Christmas themed day and someone very exciting came to see us!! Merry Christmas to all our families and friends!!

Christmas Lunch!

Today we all enjoyed our Christmas lunch – we would like to say a very big THANK YOU to all our lovely ladies in the kitchen because our lunch was delicious!!

A Special Visitor!

Yesterday Mr Masterson came in to talk to us about the weather as part of our Science learning – ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you all about it!

Florence Nightingale

We discovered a large brown trunk in our classroom today and explored all the items we found in it!  I wonder if you can guess what the items are and who might they belong to?!

Habitat Day!

Today was Habitat Day in Year 1 – we built habitats for animals using different materials in the playground and built habitats using Lego and Duplo in our classroom.  We also made collages of animals and talked about how animals are camouflaged in their habitats.


Today we had a visit from Laura  from the Cats Protection Haslemere Adoption Centre.  Laura talked to us about how to keep cats healthy and how to take care of them.


A very big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Whelan for bringing her dog Whisper into school today – it was fantastic to meet him!


Today we had a visit from our local vets.  They showed us how they clean their dog’s teeth, how they trim his nails and how they listen to his heartbeat using a stethoscope!  Some of us were lucky enough to listen to his heart using a stethoscope and we used a special brush to brush his fur.  Thank you so much for coming in today! – we all really enjoyed hearing all about what a vet does!


We were very lucky to have a visit from Ivy today!  Ivy belongs to Mrs Proudfoot and she brought her in to show us and tell us how she looks after her.  Ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you what tricks Ivy can do!!


A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to Mrs Crew who brought her dogs, Misty and Freddie to school today.  We learned how to look after dogs and they also performed some tricks for us! 

Today we had a very important visitor in our classroom!  A baby rabbit called Lily Poppy Cottontail came to see us – she was absolutely adorable as you can see!


Today we had some very special visitors in our classroom!

A very big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Puttock for bringing her tortoises into school for us to see!

Summer Term 2018

Science Day!

We had an amazing time at Science Day today!

We enjoyed the Egg Challenge, the Skittles and Fizzy Mentos experiments.  We also explored making giant bubbles and made floating flowers.  Ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you how exciting it was!


Banquet Day!

Today we had a super time writing our rules for our kingdoms, making castles, icing biscuits, dancing and listening to stories read to us by a special visitor – Ralph the Knight!

We would like to thank all our grown ups for helping us come to school in such amazing costumes!!

Sports Day

We had a fantastic time at Sports Day today – it was very hot but we were amazing!  Thank you to all our grown ups enjoyed it as much as we did!!

Fathers Day Breakfast

Today some of our Dads were able to come into school to enjoy a Fathers Day treat!  We hope they enjoyed their breakfast as much as we did!

Our Trip to Fort Nelson

Today we went to Fort Nelson to launch our new topic of ‘Castles’.  We saw the Poppy Wave, made catapults, learned about Ballistas and remembered lots of learning about Florence Nightingale!


We would like to thank all our adults who came with us today – we hope you enjoyed the trip as much as we did!


Our Visit to Petersfield Heath

Today we went to Petersfield Heath to be Science Detectives and complete our ‘Secret Garden’ Topic!  We made faces and people using sticks, leaves and twigs; and we identified different shaped leaves and found different colour leaves.  What a fantastic time we had!


We would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to our grown ups for coming with us today – we couldn’t have done it without you!

Our Visit to Petersfield Library

Today we went to visit Petersfield Library.  We were very lucky as we learned how to find our favourite books and had a super story about ‘Little Red Reading Hood’!  We would like to thank the library ladies for all their help and our adult helpers for coming with us.


Our Visit to the Physic Garden

Today as part of our topic ‘Secret Garden’ we went to explore the Physic Garden in Petersfield.  We looked at the plants and flowers and carefully chose our favourites to draw.  Look how we are concentrating on our observational drawing!

Spring Term 2018

Happy Easter from the Rabbits Class!!

Today we came to school wearing our Easter hats – we would like to say a very big Thank You to all our grown ups for helping us to make such amazing creations!!


Sports Relief Day

Today we all came to school dressed in our sports outfits to celebrate Sports Relief Day.  We also celebrated and looked at the badges, medals and certificates that some of the children had won.

Tudor Houses Exhibition

We have been very busy converting cereal boxes into tudor houses and today we invited our grown ups to see our amazing learning!  Please come and see the exhibition on Thursday after school and take your child’s house home on Friday when they come into school – thank you!




Parent Writing Workshops

Today the children in Mrs Powney’s English Group invited their grown ups to join in with their writing lesson.  The children acted out the story of The Three Little Pigs and then worked with their adult to write the story remembering to use their full stops, capital letters and fingers spaces!  We hope our grown ups enjoyed coming back to school as much as we enjoyed having them in the classroom!!


Fire! Fire!

As part of our topic, today we had a visit from the Hampshire Education Fire Service.  We learned all about the Fire Service and found out what it felt like to be a real firefighter!  We even went in the fire engine!  We would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to the firefighters for helping us today.


This week our grown ups are coming to have lunch with us!

We hope they enjoyed their school dinners as much as we do!!


World Book Day 2018!!


World Book Day was postponed to today and we had an amazing time dressing up as our favourite book characters.  We would like to thank all our grown ups for helping us with our fantastic costumes!!


The Great Fire of London!

Today we had a very special visitor – a firefighter came to our class to talk to us about his job, what he had to wear and what he did.  We were all very excited and told him all about the Great Fire of London.  We would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to Mr Neal and his special assistant!


Home Learning Challenge

Today we brought in our amazing Home Learning Challenge Models!!  We made shelters for Captain Scott using so many materials including Lego, sugar, paper, felt, string, cotton wool, paper, leaves, cardboard and even a hat and a basin!!  A very big ‘Thank You’ to all our adults who helped us to make so many fabulous models!

Great Scott!

We have been finding out all about Captain Scott and his amazing trip to the Antarctic!  We have been thinking about what clothes he should have worn and trying on some artefacts similar to whose worn by Captain Scott!