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These are our fantastic Rabbits Class!

A Special Visitor!

Yesterday Mr Masterson came in to talk to us about the weather as part of our Science learning – ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you all about it!

Florence Nightingale

We discovered a large brown trunk in our classroom today and explored all the items we found in it!  I wonder if you can guess what the items are and who might they belong to?!

Habitat Day!

Today was Habitat Day in Year 1 – we built habitats for animals using different materials in the playground and built habitats using Lego and Duplo in our classroom.  We also made collages of animals and talked about how animals are camouflaged in their habitats.


Today we had a visit from Laura  from the Cats Protection Haslemere Adoption Centre.  Laura talked to us about how to keep cats healthy and how to take care of them.


A very big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Whelan for bringing her dog Whisper into school today – it was fantastic to meet him!


Today we had a visit from our local vets.  They showed us how they clean their dog’s teeth, how they trim his nails and how they listen to his heartbeat using a stethoscope!  Some of us were lucky enough to listen to his heart using a stethoscope and we used a special brush to brush his fur.  Thank you so much for coming in today! – we all really enjoyed hearing all about what a vet does!


We were very lucky to have a visit from Ivy today!  Ivy belongs to Mrs Proudfoot and she brought her in to show us and tell us how she looks after her.  Ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you what tricks Ivy can do!!


A Big ‘THANK YOU’ to Mrs Crew who brought her dogs, Misty and Freddie to school today.  We learned how to look after dogs and they also performed some tricks for us! 

Today we had a very important visitor in our classroom!  A baby rabbit called Lily Poppy Cottontail came to see us – she was absolutely adorable as you can see!


Today we had some very special visitors in our classroom!

A very big ‘Thank you’ to Mrs Puttock for bringing her tortoises into school for us to see!

 Our class rabbit is called Floppy!

Our PE days are Monday and Wednesday.

Our library day is Wednesday

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