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A very special visitor came to see us at school today!!

He gave us a present and we said we would be very good for our grown ups!  He also reminded us to write our letters as soon as possible so that he knew what we wanted!


Christmas Lunch!!

We had an amazing Christmas lunch today and would like to thank all of our super lunchtime supervisors and cooks for such a fantastic lunch!

The Petersfield Museum Art Project

Today we had special visitors from the Petersfield Museum.  They showed us objects from the Victorian times and we had to guess what they were used for. 

Do you know what these objects are?!

We really enjoyed painting special squares for the Petersfield Museum Art Project.  Ask a member of the Rabbits Class to tell you what is going to happen to the squares!


Today we went to St Peter’s Church to find out about angels.  We explored the church and found lots of pictures and statues of angels.  

We would like to thank Reverend Sam for helping us and letting us visit the church.


Florence Nightingale

Today we had a very special visitor – Mrs Simons came to talk to us about training as a nurse at the Nightingale School of Nursing!  She showed us some very special books and photographs – ask a member of Rabbits Class to tell you all about it!


As part of our new topic ‘Bright Sparks’ we have been looking at some special objects that we found in a trunk in our classroom!  Can you guess who they might have belonged to?

Writing Workshop with our Grown Ups!

Today we invited our grown ups to school to see us ‘in action’ during an English lesson.  We wrote a letter to Plop the owl to persuade him that he should not be afraid of the dark!  We would like to thank all our grown ups for coming today and hope that they enjoyed our lesson as much as we did!


Children in Need Day 2019

Today we brought our favourite toy into school to celebrate Children in Need Day.

Thank you all so very much for your kind and generous donations.

The Secret Lives of Animals!

Our new topic for the Autumn Term is The Secret Lives of Animals!  Today the Cats Protection League came into our class to talk to us about looking after our cats.  We really enjoyed taking part in the activities and now know what we need to do to look after cats. 


Today Mrs Crew brought her dog Misty to see us and we talked about what we needed to do to look after dogs.  Misty was very well behaved and really enjoyed her treats!!


Mrs Puttock brought her tortoises into school today – we all enjoyed learning about how to look after tortoises and had a great time holding them and feeding them their favourite food!

Today Mrs Attley brought her chicks to see us.  They live on her farm and they were all very different colours and sizes.  We called them Sparkle, Flo, Daisy and DanTDM!  I wonder which animal is going to visit us next?!


Today Mrs Attley brought more animals to school.  We met her rabbit, her tortoise and her three guinea pigs!  We talked about mammals and reptiles!  Ask a member of the Rabbits Class to tell you all about it!

Today we had a visit from the Hedgehog Rescue Centre – we learned all about hedgehogs!

Today Mrs Whelan brought her dog Whisper into school to visit us!  Misty was very well behaved and showed us her special trick – ask a member of the Rabbits Class what it was!

As the finale to our pet visiting our school, today we had a visit from some amazing stick insects!

Habitat Day

We thoroughly enjoyed Habitat Day today – ask a member of the Rabbits Class which activity they enjoyed the most!

Reading Workshop

Today our grown ups came to see us reading Room on a Broom by Julia Donaldson. 

We were great Rhyming Detectives and Woodland Word Detectives!!  A big Thank You to all our grown ups for coming today and hope that you enjoyed our workshop as much as we did!


We are the fantastic Rabbits Class!

 Our class rabbit is called Floppy!

This is our class timetable –



Our PE session is on Wednesday.

Our library day is Friday.

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