Squirrels – Past Events

Spring Term 2020

We loved running a mile for Sports Relief! Thank you for helping us, Mrs Johnston!

The Fire Service came into our class today and we learnt lots about how to stay safe!

We loved dressing up and talking about our favourite book characters on World Book Day!

Squirrels showed amazing creativity with our home learning projects! Thank you to all of our families for your help!

We loved using drama to explore the Antarctic with the Openbox Theatre!

Autumn Term 2019

We had a very festive lunch today!

We had a very special visitor – Mrs Simons came to talk to us about training as a nurse at Florence Nightingale’s school of nursing!  She showed us some very special books and photographs.

We went to St Peter’s Church to find out about angels.  We explored the church and found lots of pictures and statues of angels. 

Our teddies loved learning with us on Children in Need day!

Animal habitat day was great fun!

We have had lots of animal visitors this half term!

Meet the Squirrels!

Summer Term 2019

We made paintings in the style of Hundertwasser for Art Day!

Banquet Day was great!

We had a great time at Fort Nelson

We were nature detectives at the Heath

We have enjoyed Maths Week

Mrs Attley brought her bunnies in to see us. They were so soft! 

We had a great time at the Physic Garden.