Year 2 – Past Events

Year 2 Past Events


We enjoyed finding out who was going to be in our classes at Herne!

We loved taking part in Sports Day!

Some keen historians from Year 2 were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit Petersfield Museum.  They helped curators to choose artefacts for a new We are Petersfield Exhibition that will be on display from September.

Year 2 were given a ‘Home Learning’ project on ‘Animals in our local environment.’ The projects were fantastic and our parents enjoyed admiring them. Thank you to everyone who took part!

We had an exciting Writing Workshop with our parents in Year 2. We showed our parents all the different Literacy skills we have learnt including similies, alliteration and possessive apostrophes.

We worked hard making 3d models of the buildings in Petersfield. We are going to decorate them in the style of an artist called Mike Bernard next week. Our parents are invited to our ‘mini town’ exhibition next week. How exciting!!

Today was fab!! We had a delicious Christmas lunch served by all the teachers! What fun! Christmas songs were being played to create a wonderful atmosphere. Here we all are!!!


Year 2 performed Christingle in St Peter’s church 5 times! Every time was stunning…Well done Year 2!

We all wrote a letter to Santa and wrote his address on the envelope! Then we posted our letters! We hope Santa has time to write back!!!


We had a very special visitor today. He wasn’t even a week old!

Year 2 were very lucky to meet John Wakefield, who is a vet. He brought his dog Rufus who is very good at tricks! John talked to the children about ‘What animals need.’ Year 2 impressed John with their knowledge! We even looked at different x-rays and had to guess what had happened to each animal. Thank you so much John!

Well done to Year 2 and their parents who worked so hard to create an amazing selection of mini-beast projects! They were all displayed in the hall and were admired by all the children and Year 2 parents. Thank you for all the hard work and effort that was put in. Year 2 are now mini-beast experts!!

On Tuesday 25th February we had a visit from a wonderful, inspiring story teller called Patrick Jackson. He lives in Ireland and spends his time cleaning beaches and protecting wildlife. We loved his stories and all the interesting and unusual objects he has found on the beaches. We had so much fun and learnt a lot too!!

Year 2 had a visit from Tesco today. The children learnt all about Fair Trade. They found out that the cacao bean starts the process of making chocolate!

Hampshire Air Ambulance

Hampshire Air Ambulance visited us today. The children learnt how to make a 999 call. It was so interesting and a lot of fun too!!!

Christingle Service

Year 2 proudly led an amazing Christingle service.  Well done!