Year 1 Plans

Year 1 Daily Summary

During the current school closure, each year group will provide a daily summary of activities that children can work on at home. These will be updated by 12 noon every Sunday.

Week Beginning Monday 20th July

Weekly timetable week 20.7.20

Letter to my teacher ideas

Letter writing frame

Maths game ideas

Board game template 1

Board game template 2

Board game template 3

Speaking and Listening 7

Week Beginning Monday 13th July

Weekly timetable week 13.7.20

Banquet Day Character Description

Money Problem Solving

shield design template

Pick a Pair Problem

Bean-Bag Buckets Problem

Feasting activities

Crossword Problem

Kingdom rules for a princess

Kingdome rules for a prince

Spot the Shapes Problem

Speaking and Listening 6

All About the Pigs Houses Comprehension 13

Birthday Comprehension 15

Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Weekly timetable week 6.7.20

What’s in the Box Comprehension 11

Three Little Pigs Comprehension 12

Speaking and Listening 5

Healthy meal design

Week Beginning Monday 29th June

Weekly timetable week 29.6.20

Speaking and Listening 4

Shape Sheet

RE Church and Synagogue Recording Sheet

Pick Your Queen

In the Garden Shed Comprehension 9

How to Plant a Bulb Comprehension 10

Queens Gallery for home learning

History Events in the Queens lifetimes

History Transport and buildings in Queens lifetimes

History Images for Museum Display

Week Beginning Monday 22nd June

Weekly timetable week 22.6.20

The Paper Bag Princess Pictures

Paper Bag Princess Word Search

Parts of a House Comprehension 7

Different Homes Comprehension 8

wild animals pictogram

Animal pictogram

Leaf spotter sheet

Leaf idial

Twig spotter sheet

Twig idial

Speaking and Listening 3

Week Beginning Monday 15th June 2020:

Weekly timetable week 15.6.20

Counting in 5s

doubles and halves game

Dragon Poems Book

Dragon Sheet

Keeping Healthy Comprehension 5

Ladybird doubles

Matching simile game

Queens Gallery for home learning

Speaking and Listening

Special places in Petersfield

Sports Day Comprehension 6

Week Beginning Monday 8th June 2020:

Weekly timetable week 8.6.20

Castle picture for day 1 English

Castles Home Learning Book

The Toy Shop Comprehension 3

Castles Word Search

At the Park Comprehension 4

Queens Gallery for home learning

Gordons Star

Activity Sheet How to Make My Big Build

Speaking and Listening Games

Week Beginning Monday 1st June 2020:

Weekly timetable 01.06.20 Year 1

Curly the Doll Comprehension 1

The Dolls House Comprehension 2

Wednesday maths counting sheet

 The Hairy Scary Castle Words and Tune

Thursday maths poster

Farmer Duck Word Search

Week Beginning Monday 18th May 2020:

Weekly timetable 18.5.20 Year 1

Wanted poster template

Big Wide Mouthed Frog Word Search

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Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020:

Weekly timetable 11.5.20 Year 1

Geography quiz

Natural art images

Week Beginning Monday 4th May 2020:

Weekly timetable week 4.5.20 Year 1

Week Beginning Monday 27th April 2020:

Weekly timetable Week 27.4.20 Year 1

English Session 1

 English Session 2

English Session 3

English Session 5

Week beginning 20th April 2020

Weekly timetable Week 20.4.20 Year 1
Accompanying resources:
Design Technology Sheet 1
Descriptive Writing – Jack and the Beanstalk
Design Technology Sheet 2
Science Sheet 1
Science Sheet 2

Week beginning 30th March 2020

Weekly timetable Week 30.3.20 Year 1

Joan Miro Sculpture Play Dough Display Photos

Week beginning 23rd March 2020:

Monday 23rd March

Tuesday 24th March

Wednesday 25th March

Thursday 26th March

Friday 27th March