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Y1 – Spring 1

Welcome to the Year 1 page!

This week in school!

Our stars of the week are…


In Science, we labelled as many body parts of humans as we could.

In Geography, we looked at a map of the African continent. Using a key we labelled the natural features that we could see on the map.

We enjoyed our walk around Petersfield, hunting for natural and man-made geographical features.


Our stars of the week are…


In English, we have been reading The Great Explorer. Tom goes on an amazing adventure to find his Dad. We thought about the things that we might need to go on an expedition. We also found lots of verbs in the book which end in ‘ed’. We tried to use ‘ed’ in our own writing.

In maths, we have been reading and making up our own now, then and next stories. Then we wrote number sentences to go with each story. 

In Science, we have been finding out about predators and prey.

In PSHE we all enjoyed our well being workshop where we talked about how we deal with tricky feelings like being lonely, disappointed, worried or too excited. We even met Harold and helped him to cope with his feelings.


In Computing Rabbits class used Microsoft Paint to create a famous picture by Mondrian. They used the shape tool and the line tool.
Some children used the fill tool to add colour.


In Art, some of us continued to explore cold colours, this time using paint.

Our stars of the week are…

In English, we made story maps with captions which helped us to retell the story of ‘There is no dragon in this story’.

In Maths, we have been telling addition stories and using number tracks to help us.

During reading found tricky words. Look at how many we can write!


In PE Rabbits class worked on their balances.


In geography we labelled the continents and made a key which showed the hot, cold and warm places in the world.

In Art we made cold colours lighter and darker using white and black.


It has been phonic assessment week. We are really proud of the progress that we have made and love reading time.


Our stars of the week are…


In English, we have been extending our sentences by using ‘and’ . Then we added words and clauses. We are using another great story to inspire us. It is called There is No Dragon in This Story.


In Maths, we have been using Cuisenaire rods to find missing numbers.


In Science, Hedgehogs class have been learning about teeth. Ask us why different animals have different teeth. We made clay models of human teeth, making sure we have incisors, canines and molars.


In computing we are learning how to log in and load a drawing app. This week we explored the different colours, brushes and pens that we could use in the tool bar.

In PE we are learning how to balance on a line in different ways.

Our stars of the week are…




In English, we continued reading ‘The Kiss That Missed’ by David Melling. We then wrote about the book, to try and convince Mrs Hodgekinson to read it.

In Maths, we learned how the use the ‘=’ symbol and then a part, part, whole to solve problems.

In Science, we looked at how different animals have different teeth. They made our teeth out of clay.


Our stars of the week are…

In English we are reading a wonderful story called The Kiss That Missed by David Melling. First of all we looked at some of the text and pictures from the book which gave us clues about the characters and settings in the book. Then we extended our vocabulary by finding out the meaning and using new words.


In Maths we needed to use our maths knowledge from the autumn term to solve maths problems.

In PSHE we found out about the importance of a good night’s sleep. We thought about a good bedtime routine which will help us get to sleep quickly. It was important to put the different activities in the right order.


In Geography we made a key for a map of the school. We followed the map around the school and identified the hot and cold places in the school.



In R.E we have been thinking about changes in our lives.