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Y1 – Spring 2

Welcome to the Year 1 page!

This week in school!

Our stars of the week are…


In English we learned about nouns and adjectives and then used them to describe the Big Bad Wolf.


In maths we have been counting in multiples of ten.

Then we used repeated addition.


In PE we are improving our ball skills.  We have to control the ball carefully.


In D&T we learned how to make sliders and levers. Then we made moving pictures.


In Science we have been talking about the four seasons and the changes that we have seen.  We thought about similarities and differences between the seasons.


Our stars of the week are…

In English we read the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have described the wolf’s appearance and emotions using adjectives.

In maths we have been solving subtraction problems.


To begin our work in Design and Technology we have been searching for levers and sliders.

This week we have practised skills and extended our learning during Explore and Learn time. We had lots of fun too!