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Y1 – Summer 1

Our stars of the week are…

Our stars of the week are…

In Computing we are learning how to create text using a keyboard.


Our stars of the week are…

Our stars of the week are…


Our stars of the week are…

                                         Bounce For Books!

We all had a fabulous time bouncing in the bouncy castle to help raise money to buy books for our library. Thank you to PISA for organising this event, thank you to all the volunteers who helped count the bounces and thank you to everyone who sponsored the children!

Our stars of the week are…

In science this week we have been planting seeds.

We predicted what they might grow into.

We also looked carefully at the inside and outside of some vegetables to make some detailed observational drawings.

In Mathematics we have been adding and subtracting 2 digit numbers.

In Geography we are finding out about Petersfield and our local area.

In Art we have been looking at installation art by Andy Goldsworthy. We made our own pictures using leaves and twigs.

Rock Kidz day! 

What a fun day this was! Everyone looked amazing in their rock outfits and we had a fabulous time rocking out to the music. Even the grown ups got involved!

  Jonathan and Cal taught us a new song about not giving up called ‘Don’t Quit’ and made us laugh by being very funny!

A big thank you to PISA for paying for paying for this event. It was a huge success!