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Y2 – Autumn 1

W/C 16th October 2023

Can you believe we have already completed the first half of the autumn term? Time flies when you’re having fun! A big round of applause for our Stars of the Week – your teachers are beaming with pride!

This week in English, we put our detective hats on to assist the ‘police’ in drafting a description of the Big Bad Wolf. Our task was to help warn the villagers about his dangerous nature. We wrote some outstanding wanted posters, employing the use of expanded noun phrases to depict his appearance and character.

During our Maths lessons, we began adding three numbers together, which we refer to as ‘addends’. For instance, how would you tackle 3 + 2 + 3? Would you use your understanding of doubles to combine the 3s and then add the 2? Or would you opt to first add the 3 and 2 to make 5, followed by adding 3? As the week progressed, we explored the concept of bridging ten while adding two numbers, applying our knowledge of number bonds to ten. An example being 7 + 5 = 7 + 3 + 2, with 7 + 3 representing the bond.


Our Music class took a creative turn as we sketched dragons and composed music to match their unique personalities.

In Geography, we engaged in meaningful discussions about climate change and its far-reaching impacts on our environment.


During our PSHE session, we discussed the topic of bullying. We grasped the concept that bullying involves the repetitive, intentional harm of one person or group by another, characterised by an imbalance of power. We carefully discussed the terms ‘repetitive’ and ‘intentional’, as well as the phrase ‘imbalance of power’. Through various playground scenarios, we explored playground situations and discussed whether we thought these were bullying or teasing scenarios.


To finish, we had an exhilarating Design and Technology day, which many of us deemed ‘the best day ever’! We had a blast designing, making, testing and evaluating our wheeled vehicles. Well done to every child who took part with great gusto and team spirit!

We hope you all have a very happy half term and look forward to seeing you when you return! Stay safe!


W/C 9th October 2023

What a wonderful week we have had! Everyone has been working so hard.

Let’s start by congratulating our fabulous stars of the week. Well done to you all. Your teachers and friends are very proud of you!

We started a new learning journey in English which is always very exciting! We had to guess the book by first looking at a list of verbs. We came up with some great ideas! (Can you guess what the book is from ‘stop, sewn, picked, eat, carry’?) But then our teachers gave us a second list of words. This time nouns and we found the prediction exercise much easier. (Can you guess now? – girl, forest, cloak, Granny, basket, cottage). I’m sure you have! …. Yes! It’s Little Red Riding Hood. The version we are looking at is by Lari Don. We will be using expanded noun phrases in our writing. Ask us what this is.


In Maths this week we have been making trains. That’s not maths I hear you cry! … It is when you use Cuisenair!. We used these colourful resources to understand addition of three addends and to learn that addition can be done in any order eg. 2 + 5 + 3 or 2 + 3 + 5 etc.

In Computing we pretended to be shop keepers, computers and customers this week. We learnt that barcodes are found on lots of products (food, toys, books, etc) and that computers are used to read them very quickly. Each barcode represents a number. Barcodes are scanned using a scanner connected to a till. The number contained in the barcode is then used to look up the item. Once the item has been matched, its price will be looked up. This information comes from another computer, to which all of the tills are connected. The price is shown on a screen and added to a list of all of the things that the customer is buying. It all sounded very complicated so we played a shopping game – one person played the customer, another the scanner and item finder and then the third person was the price finder and adder. We had lots of fun!

In Music we composed dragon music in small groups. First, we designed a dragon. We had to consider its colour, its size, its mood and how it moves because this would help us. We then chose instrumental sounds to represent that dragon and decided how to play these sounds e.g. loudly, quietly, quickly, slowly etc. We rehearsed our music and played it to the class.


W/C 2nd October 2023

Another amazing week in Year 2!

A big congratulations to our wonderful stars of the week. Well done – we are so proud of you.

In Year 2 this week, we’ve been gearing up for an exhilarating downhill dash competition in Design and Technology. Our young engineers have been hard at work designing wheeled vehicles, carefully selecting materials, and considering the type of axle that will give them the edge in the race.

But that’s not all! Our Harvest Live lesson was an absolute blast as we got a firsthand look at life as a farmer and discovered where our food comes from. A big shoutout to NFU Education for providing such an engaging session.

In PE, we’ve been honing our balance and coordination skills. Can you stand on one leg, close your eyes, and squat down? It’s not as easy as it sounds, but we’re up for the challenge!


In the world of music, we transformed into dragons and explored their unique characteristics, using these newfound insights to compose a captivating piece of music. It was a roaring good time!

To top off an incredible week, we had a fantastic visit from the OpenBox theatre company, who delivered an exciting workshop based on the book ‘The Gigantic Turnip.’ We had a blast comparing this story to our English book, ‘Pattan’s Pumpkin.’ What a week of learning and adventure it has been!



W/C 25th September 2023

What a fantastic week we have had again! We are loving Year 2!

Firstly, we must say huge congratulations to our star of the week children. We are immensely proud of you.

We have started a new English learning journey this week. Our new book is Pattan’s Pumpkin – a vibrant Indian flood story. We have been using lots of music and drama to learn and orally rehearse the story. Why don’t you ask us to retell the story to you.


In Maths we have been learning to add a two-digit number with a one-digit by partitioning the two-digit number first. Eg. 23 = 4  is  20 + 3 + 4 = 27. We have used lots of different ways to represent this.

We had lots of fun in Geography as we pretended to be weather forecasters on TV. We think we have some budding Meteorologists in this school!

As part of our Music lessons, we immersed ourselves in the music from How to train your Dragon by John Powell. We listened to Romantic Flight and then pretended to be dragons, flying around our classrooms – it was SO much fun! We then listened to Dragon Battle and drew the kind of dragon that seemed to match the music. We thought the dragon would be big, scary, grumpy, fierce and would breathe fire. We thought the sky would be dark and cloudy.

In Design and Technology we have been exploring wheels and axles. We have looked carefully at fixed and free axles and now know the difference. We have also been experimenting with joining wheels to axles and have been finding the best materials to use for these.


W/C 18th September 2023

We’ve had another wonderful week in year 2!

First, we must say huge congratulations to our super star of the week children. We are very proud of you.



In English this week, we have been thinking more about writing question and statement sentences. We have practised using the correct grammar and punctuation and written our very own information guides for future visitors of our school.


In maths, we have continued to think about place value and partitioning two 2-digit numbers into tens and ones. We have been representing these numbers by drawing Dienes in our maths books. To finish the week, we watched a short Numberblocks episode about Blockzilla, the monster tale of a colossal creature who really, really likes bigger numbers. This episode helped us to compare two 2-digit numbers using special symbols. They helped us to reason our understanding of number for example, thirty-seven is greater than thirty-two because it has more ones.



In Geography, we located the countries of the UK and their capital cities on a map. Perhaps you could quiz us on what the capital cities are called in each country in the UK.

In Music we played ‘find the dragon egg’. We sat in a circle while one child (the “seeker”) left the room. Whilst the seeker was outside we hid a shaky “dragon” egg. When the seeker came back, we clapped to help them find it – fast and loud when they got closer and slow and quiet when they moved away. Once the egg was found, we started the game again.

The highlight of our week was the exhilarating session that we had with Alex, the skateboarding expert! We got all geared up, wearing our helmets, elbow pads, and knee pads, and we couldn’t contain our excitement. Alex taught us this super cool move – jumping onto the skateboard using both feet at once! Then, he showed us how to use our hips to sway the skateboard from left to right. And guess what? We learned how to skate! Alex told us that skateboarding is a bit like scooting on a scooter, but without the handlebars. Once we got the hang of it, Alex had a special trick to teach us – the ‘flip’ trick! We had to flip our skateboards upside down, balancing them on our feet, and then jump and flick our toes in the air to make the skateboard do a cool flip so we could land on it. We all gave it our best shot and showed heaps of determination and perseverance. Sure, some of us took a tumble, but that didn’t stop us – we felt like real skateboard pros!

W/C 11th September 2023

It’s only Week 2 and our new Year 2s have already been working incredibly hard. We are all so proud of how well they are settling and how hard they are working already.


We began a new Learning Journey in English this week. The learning is based around a lovely book called Little Answer by Tim Hopgood. The main character in the book is an answer to something, but he doesn’t know what the question is! His friends try to help him. His answer is ‘sausages’. Can you guess what his question might be? We’ve been looking at lots of different questions, played a fun matching game (be sure to ask us all about that) and have started to think about what we need to include in a question sentence.


Building upon last week where we explored the number ten and all the multiples of ten to one hundred, we have been adding and subtracting multiples of ten this week. The children have represented their understanding in a variety of ways – by using Dienes, part-part-whole models and a numberline.

Like a challenge? Why not try this at home with the children – Mrs Hodgkinson added 10 to a multiple of 10. What numbers could she have added together? Can you think of them all?


We have learnt the word maturity this week and now understand it to mean when a human or an animal reaches adulthood – when they stop growing. We played a fun guessing game trying to work out at what age certain animals reach maturity. We then plotted them on a block graph as a class.

Do you know the age of a hamster when it reaches maturity? Or maybe a horse? What about a Roman Helix snail?


Our key question in computing this week was – what is information technology? We learnt that information technology is a computer or something that works with a computer.

Design and Technology

We have begun to learn and explore fixed and free moving axles. We have learnt new words such as axle and chassis. We have been thinking about everyday objects that have a wheel and axle such as toy cars, wheelbarrows, pizza cutter. Can you think of any more?


We have started out topic on Wonderful Weather by watching a weather forecast and learning all the different symbols used to represent the weather. We looked at the map of the UK and named the four countries – useful retrieval practise!


We learnt what piano and forte means in music. To help us, we watched a fun video called ‘Forte Piano’ by If you dare, why not ask us to sing it!

Personal Social Health Education (PSHE)

This week we have been considering the qualities of a good friend. We think a good friend is kind, compassionate, polite, funny, respectful and someone who is happy when you are happy.

We have also been exploring body language and facial expressions to try and understand how someone might be feeling. We have then thought about how we can help someone if they are expressing more negative emotions such as loneliness, anger, embarrassment etc.

Physical Education (PE)

We have been practising our coordination and footwork through side stepping with pivots and hopscotch.

Religious Education (RE)

Following on from learning what the word thankful means, we have been discussing harvest and why we might be thankful at this time of year. We had fun writing a class acrostic poem using the word HARVEST. Did you know that Harvest in the UK falls on 1st October this year?