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Y2 – Summer 2

Week 2 – w/c 10th June

Congratulations to our stars of the week this week – You have made us very proud!


This week in science we have been thinking about what plants need to grow. We thought about how we could design an experiment to find out what would happen if plants didn’t have all of the things that they need to grow, would it make a difference?


In English this week we have been exploring different types of sentences including: questions, commands, exclamations and statements. We have then been using these in some persuasive writing pieces.


Can you name these 2D shapes and describe their properties? We have started our new geometry topic in Maths this week and have been exploring how to describe 2D shapes by their properties like how many sides or vertices they have.


In DT we have been busy looking at soft toys and how they are constructed. We have talked about different materials and different methods and techniques that could be used to join these materials together to create the soft toys. Some of us also looked at creating paper templates and how we could use these to cut our fabrics to a specific shape.


In our SCARF lessons this week some of us have been talking about changes in friendships and managing our feelings surrounding this, giving us ways to keep in touch with friends that might move away. Some of us have then been learning about cooperation and the importance of teamwork.

Finally, in Computing we have been exploring Chrome Music Lab. We thought about rhythms and patterns, and produced our own piece of music on the iPads! It was so much fun!


Week 1 – w/c 3rd June

What a start to our last half term of the year! We have been super busy.

Look! Here are our Stars of the Week. Well done children for making us all proud.


In English we began a new learning journey based on the book Tidy. We’ve been using our inference to think about how the characters might be feeling. We wrote questions in the role of the characters to ask Pete the badger why he is destroying the forest. We then enjoyed some role play where we pretended to be Pete and the other animals.


We started our DT project this week by looking at cuddly toys. We discussed what they were made from and how they were put together. We thought about the kinds of fabric that would be appropriate for making cuddly toys and decided that soft and strong fabrics would be best.


Our focus in PE this half term is on health and fitness. We were developing our ball chasing skills this week. Look how agile some of us are!


Finally, on Thursday we spent the day remembering D-Day. Some of the children represented the school at the community event and laid a poppy wreath at the cenotaph. We were so proud of them for the compassion and respect shown. In school we learned about what D-Day was in our assembly, we had a D-Day inspired maths lesson and we then made origami boats.