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School Uniform

School Uniform Policy

Our school uniform is gender neutral.

Black/grey trousers, skirt, green school sweatshirt or cardigan and a yellow polo shirt.  In the summer months, black/grey shorts or green gingham summer dresses may be worn.  Shoes should be black and comfortable.  We ask that children wear black, white, grey or green tights or socks.

On PE days, we invite children into school in black tracksuit bottoms, black leggings or black shorts with a yellow PE t-shirt and the green school hoodie.  Alternatively, the green school hoodie may be replaced by a school sweatshirt or cardigan.  Children are required to wear trainers for PE days as games lessons will be outside in fine weather.

Children must not wear earrings during PE lessons. If your child is unable to remove their earrings themselves, please make sure they are taken out at home on PE days.

School polo shirts, PE t-shirts, school jumpers, cardigans and hoodies are available with a logo from Mapac (link below) or Petersfield Square market however you DO NOT need to purchase items that have a school logo on them.  Your uniform can be purchased from any supermarket or any other school uniform providers.

If you are experiencing difficulties with the cost of school uniform, please come and chat to the school office in confidence.  We will support you in any way we can.

All our school uniform is now available to order online! Please click on the link below to order everything you need to be delivered to your home or to school.  In addition to ordering online, our local market stocks our school uniform and can be found in Petersfield Square every Wednesday and Saturday until 3pm.

Order School Uniform