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 Our monthly whole school attendance since 2015 is as follows:

September 2015: 96.4%
September 2016: 97.3%
September 2017: 96.5%
September 2018: 97.9%
October 2015: 96.7%
October 2016: 93.4%
October 2017: 95.5%
October 2018: 96.7%
November 2015: 94.6%
November 2016: 96.1%
November 2017: 97%
November 2018: 95.1
December 2015: 95.4%
December 2016: 94.4%
December 2017: 94.6%
December 2018:
January 2016: 95.9%
January 2017: 95.5%
January 2018: 96.4%
January 2019:
February 2016: 95.9%
February 2017: 94.8%
February 2018: 95.9%
February 2019:
March 2016: 91.5%
March 2017: 96.1%
March 2018: 94.6%
March 2019:
April 2016: 94.7%
April 2017: 97.3%
April 2018: 96.7%
April 2019:
May 2016: 95.6%
May 2017: 96.1%
May 2018: 95.5%
May 2019:
June 2016: 96.6%
June 2017: 96.6%
June 2018: 93.9%
June 2019:
July 2016: 95.9%
July 2017: 96.5%
July 2018: 97%
July 2019:

Our Christmas Fair raised an incredible £3750 plus we have been given a further £1000 matched funding from Barclays Bank making a grand total of £4750!!!

Thank you to everyone who helped at the fair or came along on the day to support our school.

HUGE thanks to our Chair of PISA, Frances Torrance for organising such an amazingly successful event!!


We have recently taken delivery of 11 wonderful horseshoe tables courtesy of the amazing fundraising efforts of PISA! Every Year 2 classroom now has two of these tables each and Year 1 now have one each. In the new year, we are hoping to be  in apposition to order 4 more for Year 1 and 4 for Year R classrooms. Teachers and children both absolutely love them!



The children all looked incredible in school today as they wore their brightest clothes! We needed sunglasses in assembly as they were all so dazzling!

Thank you for all the amazing forfeits you sent into school with your children too! This year we combined our forfeit day with the Hampshire Raod Safety Team campaign ‘Your Time to Shine’ which aims to highlight the importance of using reflective clothing and bright colours to make ourselves more visible to drivers and much safer on the road.

For more information visit: www.myjourneyhampshire.com/news/it%E2%80%99s-your-time-shine


School Grounds Tidy Up!

Thank you to the volunteer gardeners from Morgan Innovation & Technology Ltd, a local company, who came to tidy up our school grounds. Everywhere looks amazing!



Our Christmas Shoeboxes have been collected!

In total, the School Councillors loaded the Link to Hope van with 183 Christmas shoeboxes – 50 of which came from other settings on the area. Thank you so much to everyone who sent a Christmas Shoebox into school with their child for such a worthwhile cause!

Damian Hinds, Secretary of State for Education and M.P. for East Hampshire, came to visit our school!

The Year 2 School Councillors greeted Mr Hinds on arrival & took him to the school hall, where they all ate lunch. The councillors talked to Mr Hinds about one of our four British Values – Democracy. They explained how they had made a speech and were voted in by their own classmates.

Mr Hinds really enjoyed his Fish and Chips!

After lunch, Mr Hinds met with Mrs Crew, Mrs Amor and SEN Governor Sue Barrows to talk about Special Needs at our school.

Lots of fun was had today at the Year R Dad’s breakfast. 

Thank you for the Harvest!

Thank you to everyone for all your generous donations of food for our harvest market! The Year 2 School Councillors did a brilliant job of selling all the produce back to you! All proceeds from the market will be split between our two chosen charities this year – the NSPCC and the Petersfield Food Bank. Any left over items will be taken to the food bank in town.


Green Fingered Champions!

We were very successful at the Petersfield in Bloom Awards this year! We won GOLD for ‘Best Environmental Project’ and SILVER  for the ‘Best School’ category. Some of Mrs Jones’ Year 2 ‘Go Outdoor Gang’ collected the awards at the Festival Hall from celebrity gardener, Pippa Greenwood.

Well done to everyone who has helped to make our school grounds look so beautiful, including all our Ground Force volunteers.



Today we had a special ceremony to remember Maureen Metcalfe who was a governor at our school for many years. Lots of Maureen’s family and friends listened to the children sing the school song which was her favourite. Our children are looking forward to sitting on Maureen’s bench!

Click here to view the Welcome to Year 1 presentation.

Click here to view the Welcome to Year 2 presentation.




Please remember we recycle the following items in school:

Used pens

Used Stamps

ANY colour plastic milk bottle tops

Unused Spectacles (without the cases)

All of these items help raise money for PISA, except the used stamps which raise funds for Canine Partners and the spectacles, which raise money for the Lions Club of Petersfield ‘Sight For Life’ initiative .

All items are collected by the west door.

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Watch our Digraph Rhymes Video!

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Watch our Scarf Exercise Video!

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