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 Our monthly whole school attendance since 2015 is as follows:

September 2015: 96.4%
September 2016: 97.3%
September 2017: 96.5%
September 2018: 97.9%
September 2019: 97.6%
October 2015: 96.7%
October 2016: 93.4%
October 2017: 95.5%
October 2018: 96.7%
October 2019: 96.4%
November 2015: 94.6%
November 2016: 96.1%
November 2017: 97%
November 2018: 95.1%
November 2019: 96.7%
December 2015: 95.4%
December 2016: 94.4%
December 2017: 94.6%
December 2018: 94%
December 2019: 94.7%
January 2016: 95.9%
January 2017: 95.5%
January 2018: 96.4%
January 2019: 96%
January 2020: 97.1%
February 2016: 95.9%
February 2017: 94.8%
February 2018: 95.9%
February 2019: 95.3%
February 2020: 95.8%
March 2016: 91.5%
March 2017: 96.1%
March 2018: 94.6%
March 2019:96.9%
March 2020:
April 2016: 94.7%
April 2017: 97.3%
April 2018: 96.7%
April 2019:96.6%
April 2020:
May 2016: 95.6%
May 2017: 96.1%
May 2018: 95.5%
May 2019: 93.9%
May 2020:
June 2016: 96.6%
June 2017: 96.6%
June 2018: 93.9%
June 2019: 96.7%
June 2020:
July 2016: 95.9%
July 2017: 96.5%
July 2018: 97%
July 2019: 97%
July 2020:





Congratulations to our Spring Lunchtime Superstar!

Well done for following our Lunchtime Code.


Happy Storytelling Week!

We have all thoroughly enjoyed our activities during Storytelling Week which ended today.  Today the children listened to their favourite stories read by the grown ups!

Happy World Book Day!

The staff at Petersfield Infant School joined in the fun for World Book Day!

Please take a look at your child’s class page to see more World Book Day photographs!


Travelling Book Fair

We would like to say a very big ‘thank you’ to everyone who came to the Travelling Book Fair – these are the books we bought with the commission from the book sales.

Our artwork outside the Petersfield Museum is up! Every child in Year 1 and Year 2 decorated a tile for this beautiful mosaic. The school councillors from Years 1 and 2 proudly ‘unveiled’ our art work with Ryan from the museum, today! Doesn’t it look fabulous?


Click here to view the Welcome to Year 1 presentation.

View the Welcome to Year 2 presentation below.




Please remember we recycle the following items in school:

Used batteries

Empty Pringles tubes

Empty toothpaste tubes, used toothbrushes & toothbrush heads

Empty crisp packets

Plastic ‘trigger’ heads from cleaning products

Used pens

Used Stamps

ANY colour plastic milk bottle tops

Unwanted Spectacles (without the cases)

All of these items help raise money for PISA, except the used stamps which raise funds for Canine Partners and the spectacles, which raise money for the Lions Club of Petersfield ‘Sight For Life’ initiative .

All items are collected by the west door.

Click Here to visit our Past Events Page.

Click Here to watch our Video Tutorials on Digraph Rhymes, Number Formation, Letter Formation and our Scarf Exercise Video.

Click on the links:

  • Click here to sign up for school milk if your child is starting in YR in September

  • Click here to see the current school meal menus

  • Looking for before or after school care? Visit either the Active8Minds website or the Petersfield Inbetween Club website to find out what these clubs have to offer!

  • Click here to visit our new E-Safety page. There are lots of useful tips and advice for children and parents to keep everyone safe online

  • To visit Parent View to tell Ofsted what you think of our school

  • For Hampshire County Council Term Dates and our school INSET dates click here

If you are experiencing any problems please click here and let us know.