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 Our monthly whole school attendance since 2015 is as follows:

September 2015: 96.4%
September 2016: 97.3%
September 2017: 96.5%
September 2018: 97.9%
September 2019:
October 2015: 96.7%
October 2016: 93.4%
October 2017: 95.5%
October 2018: 96.7%
October 2019:
November 2015: 94.6%
November 2016: 96.1%
November 2017: 97%
November 2018: 95.1%
November 2019:
December 2015: 95.4%
December 2016: 94.4%
December 2017: 94.6%
December 2018: 94%
December 2019:
January 2016: 95.9%
January 2017: 95.5%
January 2018: 96.4%
January 2019: 96%
January 2020:
February 2016: 95.9%
February 2017: 94.8%
February 2018: 95.9%
February 2019: 95.3%
February 2020:
March 2016: 91.5%
March 2017: 96.1%
March 2018: 94.6%
March 2019:96.9%
March 2020:
April 2016: 94.7%
April 2017: 97.3%
April 2018: 96.7%
April 2019:96.6%
April 2020:
May 2016: 95.6%
May 2017: 96.1%
May 2018: 95.5%
May 2019: 93.9%
May 2020:
June 2016: 96.6%
June 2017: 96.6%
June 2018: 93.9%
June 2019: 96.7%
June 2020:
July 2016: 95.9%
July 2017: 96.5%
July 2018: 97%
July 2019: 97%
July 2020:

We enjoyed a highly entertaining ‘Petersfield Infant School’s Got Talent’ show on the last day of term. Thank you to all the amazing children who took part! Congratulations to the winners and thank you to Henry Adams for providing the medals and trophies and for judging the competition along with two of our governors.

What a great way to end the year!

We would like to say a very big THANK YOU to everyone who has so very kindly donated a new book to our school library! 

As you can see there are so many different titles both fiction and non-fiction which the children are definitely going to enjoy in September!


Congratulations to our last Lunchtime Superstar of the year!

Well done for remembering to follow our Lunchtime Code.


We have had an amazing Dinosaur Week, concluding with a fantastic visit from Teach Rex. We learnt lots of interesting facts about dinosaurs from the awe inspiring Joe, Sam and Jam! We also became movie stars, creating our very own Green Screen dinosaur movies!


Grand re-opening of Borough Hill recreation ground.

Guinness World Record Attempt!

We all had a fantastic time trying to set a new Guinness World Record for the most people simultaneously hugging a soft toy. We think we have smashed the current record by hugging 373 toys for 1 minute and 3 seconds! It was very exciting to have television and radio reporters filming and interviewing us and a special celebratory, Dr Radha Modgil from CBeebies! Big thanks to Barnardo’s and everyone involved for making this such a successful event.

Listen to our World Record attempt:
BBC Radio Solent

Introduction at 33mins:21secs and full feature at 57mins.


Thank you to TPS Year 9 GCSE music group, who came and performed a fantastic concert for Year 1 and 2.


A big thank you to Waitrose for their donation which we used to buy new sports equipment for the playground.

Congratulations to our Lunchtime Superstars!

Well done for remembering to follow our Lunchtime Code.


The Big Battery Hunt!

Look how many batteries we have managed to collect as part of The Big Battery Hunt’.

The Big Battery Hunt is a nationwide battery recycling initiative funded by Duracell. Young people in schools across the UK are encouraged to think about the importance of recycling, and then challenged to collect as many used batteries as they can. The aim is for each pupil to contribute to an overall total of 4 million batteries being recycled. Well done everyone!

Henry Crew came back to see us all!

Henry came to visit us last April before he set off around the world on his motorbike. He is now the youngest person to have circumnavigated the globe by motorbike and hopes to be in the next Guinness Book of Records. Henry brought his motorbike into the hall and showed the children photographs of some of the places he visited. Year 2 children stayed in the hall a little longer to ask Henry lots of interesting questions!

Henry is raising money for Movember and you can find out more about his trip on his website: www.35000miles.com or on his Instagram page


Petersfield Library

We were invited by Petersfield Library to have a display in the Children’s Area – when you visit to change your books, please take a look at the most amazing artwork of the children in Year 2!

Click here to view the Welcome to Year 1 presentation.

Click here to view the Welcome to Year 2 presentation.




Please remember we recycle the following items in school:

Used batteries

Empty Pringles tubes

Empty toothpaste tubes, used toothbrushes & toothbrush heads

Empty crisp packets

Plastic ‘trigger’ heads from cleaning products

Used pens

Used Stamps

ANY colour plastic milk bottle tops

Unwanted Spectacles (without the cases)

All of these items help raise money for PISA, except the used stamps which raise funds for Canine Partners and the spectacles, which raise money for the Lions Club of Petersfield ‘Sight For Life’ initiative .

All items are collected by the west door.

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