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 Our monthly whole school attendance since 2015 is as follows:

September 2015: 96.4%
September 2016: 97.3%
September 2017: 96.5%
September 2018:
October 2015: 96.7%
October 2016: 93.4%
October 2017: 95.5%
October 2018:
November 2015: 94.6%
November 2016: 96.1%
November 2017: 97%
November 2018:
December 2015: 95.4%
December 2016: 94.4%
December 2017: 94.6%
December 2018:
January 2016: 95.9%
January 2017: 95.5%
January 2018: 96.4%
January 2019:
February 2016: 95.9%
February 2017: 94.8%
February 2018: 95.9%
February 2019:
March 2016: 91.5%
March 2017: 96.1%
March 2018: 94.6%
March 2019:
April 2016: 94.7%
April 2017: 97.3%
April 2018: 96.7%
April 2019:
May 2016: 95.6%
May 2017: 96.1%
May 2018: 95.5%
May 2019:
June 2016: 96.6%
June 2017: 96.6%
June 2018: 93.9%
June 2019:
July 2016: 95.9%
July 2017: 96.5%
July 2018: 97%
July 2019:


Talent Show 2018

We loved performing our acts in our classes this week. Nine of our favourites took part in the final on Friday – watch the highlights below!


India Week

We had a fantastic start to World Week. Mr Sabu is a professional singer and he sang three Indian songs to inspire us all and fill us with joy. His family and friends dressed in traditional Indian outfits which looked beautiful.


Lunchtime Superstar!

This half term the lunchtime superstar was in Year R! This award is donated by the three daughters of Betty Duncan, who was a dinner lady at our school for many years. Betty’s three daughters were all able to come into school to present the award and meet all the children who have received lunchtime superstar awards this year! 



The School Councillors all got together to celebrate the end of their year. They have all been fantastic!

They all enjoyed a little party with Mrs Crew in our beautiful new willow dome !********************************

Mrs Ostersen’s Art Club have been having lots of fun making penguins!

Just look at all those cheeky penguins in our playground!


Year 2 Athletics

Well done to the Year 2 Athletics superstars!

Mrs Johnston and Mrs Boniface have had a great time taking part in lots of games with you all during the summer term. 

Travelling Book Fair

We would like to thank everyone who  visited our recent Travelling Book Fair.  With our commission we were able to buy so many new books which we are sure the children will enjoy!

Mrs Ostersen has been having lots of fun

with the Year 2 Art Club!

Thank you to everyone who came to help at our Ground Force day!

The school grounds are looking amazing!

Petersfield Ukulele Group came and performed in assembly on Tuesday. We all enjoyed clapping along to some great songs!

Congratulations to our Summer 1

Lunchtime Superstar!

Well done for remembering to follow our Lunchtime Code!

We love our New Living Willow Dome!

We have had an amazing time helping to build our new living willow dome. The children have all been involved in the construction of the dome and taking part in a variety of crafts using willow. We would like to say a huge thank you to PISA for funding  this amazing project, that the children at school will be able to enjoy for years to come.

Henry Crew came to visit us in assembly. He is hoping to be the youngest person to go around the world on his motorbike and be in the Guinness Book of Records! On his journey, he will be raising money for The Movember Foundation.

Henry brought his motorbike into the hall and showed us all the countries he will be visiting on his journey. If you would like to follow Henry’s journey you can visit his website: 

35000 miles.com

Congratulations to our Spring 2 Lunchtime Superstar!

Well done for remembering to follow our Lunchtime Code!



Please remember we recycle the following items in school:

Used pens

Used Stamps

ANY colour plastic milk bottle tops

Unused Spectacles (without the cases)

All of these items help raise money for PISA, except the used stamps which raise funds for Canine Partners and the spectacles, which raise money for the Lions Club of Petersfield ‘Sight For Life’ initiative .

All items are collected by the west door.

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Watch our Digraph Rhymes Video!

Watch our Number Rhymes Video!

Watch our Letter Formation Video!

Watch our Scarf Exercise Video!

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