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Our monthly whole school attendance for the past three years is as follows:

September 2018: 97.9%
September 2019: 97.6%
September 2020: 96.7%
October 2018: 96.7%
October 2019: 96.4%
October 2020: 98.4%
November 2018: 95.1%
November 2019: 96.7%
November 2020: 98.3%
December 2018: 94%
December 2019: 94.7%
December 2020: 98%
January 2018: 96.4%
January 2019: 96%
January 2020: 97.1%
January 2021: –
February 2018: 95.9%
February 2019: 95.3%
February 2020: 95.8%
February 2021: –
March 2018: 94.6%
March 2019:96.9%
March 2020:   –
March 2021: 98%
April 2018: 96.7%
April 2019:96.6%
April 2020:   –
April 2021:
May 2018: 95.5%
May 2019: 93.9%
May 2020:  –
May 2021:
June 2018: 93.9%
June 2019: 96.7%
June 2020:  –
June 2021:
July 2018: 97%
July 2019: 97%
July 2020:  –

July 2021:


Good news!

The webcam on our school bird box is operational again.

You can look inside the box via the live link below….so keep your eyes peeled and if we’re lucky, a bird may start to make their next in there soon! 



Active8 Litter Pickers!

Thank you to everyone at Active8 who helped to make our school playground look neat and tidy by picking up the litter!


We have all really enjoyed  Storytelling Week and World Book Day!!

This is always a very exciting time of our school year as we all celebrate our love of reading and sharing stories with our families and friends!

In all home learning packs we included a Bedtime Story Challenge, a Meet the Bookmarks and a Share A Story Activity for you all to enjoy!  

There are lots of amazing and fun activities on the World Book Day website which can be found HERE

On World Book Day we came to school dressed as our favourite storytelling characters!  We hope you have enjoyed your day too – please send us a photograph via Tapestry of yourself dressed as your favourite character!





Recycling Poster

Are you moving into the area?

Is your child  due to start school in September 2021?

Why not click on the link below to watch a video tour of our school?

Click on the link below to watch an amazing 3D Tour of our school!

Petersfield Infant School 3D tour!

We would like to say a massive thank you to  local company Future World 3D  for donating this incredible resource to our school. It will be enjoyed by all our children, staff and parents as well as future customers!


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