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Education for Sustainable Development

What do we mean by ‘sustainable’?

Sustainable development means finding solutions that improve people’s quality of life without damaging the environment & without storing up problems for the future. Sustainable development is a way of thinking about our lives & work (including the education system) so that we don’t destroy our most precious resource – the planet. A sustainable school places pupils & the school community at the centre of its efforts to build a culture of care. Care also involves taking responsibility. If we all take this on board there is greater ownership in & commitment to, the schools success. Sustainable development helps to inspire pupils & teachers & gets parents & others involved in activities to improve the school.

The government expects schools to respond to the challenge by empowering young people to lead sustainable lives & by becoming models of good practice for their communities.

Our journey so far…

At Petersfield Infant school we have been on a journey to become and Eco-School. Throughout the 2020/21 academic year we implemented sustainability into the school curriculum and it’s ethos. All pupils participated on the journey and ensured that the school has taken a more responsible and sustainable approach to it’s curriculum. This has been embedded across the curriculum through the use of rich texts which encourage children to become eco-warriors, art activities and special guest visits into school.


Mural created by Year 2 pupils with Vicki Ostersen from Tree Frog Art


Where are we now?

The school have now received the Green Flag Award and have achieved Eco-School status!

The school aim to continue to be more sustainable and responsible towards the local environment and some of the things still happening are:

  • fruit composting
  • reducing single use plastics
  • recycling paper
  • encouraging safe and sustainable travel
  • Switch Off Fortnight
  • Waste Week
  • recycling for the wider community


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