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Our SENDCo is Ruth Downer.

Our SEND booklet for parents and SEND Information Report can be found on our ‘Policies’ page

Click here to find out more about Hampshire’s SEND Local Offer

The ethos of the school is focused on meeting individual pupils’ needs and this is achieved for SEN pupils by:

  • Offering a high number of differentiated groups to ensure specific focused learning
  • Offering a high quality of professional development to all support staff
  • Ensuring that statemented pupils are matched carefully to the skills of specific special needs assistants
  • Ensuring high quality resources are available
  • Planning individual programmes to support transition to and from other settings
  • Planning intervention programmes supported by a wide range of support staff
  • Offering nurture groups in all year groups to support social, emotional and behavioural issues
  • Ensuring that the Home School Co-ordinator works in close partnership with individual parents
  • Having a rigorous health and safety focus that ensures that the environment is adapted for inclusive learning opportunities, ie wheelchair access to the adventure playground, steps highlighted for visual impairment use