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Computing Leader: Sam Turner

The National Curriculum: Computing

The national curriculum for computing has been developed to equip young people in England with the skills, knowledge and understanding of computing they will need for the rest of their lives. The children will learn how computers and computer systems work, they will design and build programs, develop their ideas using technology and create a range of content.

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Our vision for computing at Petersfield

We believe it is vital that every child learns to be digitally literate with a comfortable understanding of information technology. We aim to ensure children gain the knowledge and skills that will enable them to make a positive contribution to a diverse society, in a world that is increasingly dependent on computing. We aim to provide children with the understanding to use technology safely and respectfully.

Children must develop a good grounding of computational thinking and problem solving so they are prepared not only for technological opportunities but to thrive in many aspects of everyday life.

We aim to foster an engaged and enthusiastic approach to solving problems, be it fixing a bug in their code, managing to get a robot to follow a path, or programming a game to do exactly as they want. Solving problems in computing develops important skills of perseverance and resilience.

Having a deeper understanding of computing and computational thinking will also allow children to be better able to access other areas of the curriculum, such as mathematics and science.