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Our Aims


To provide children with a broad and balanced curriculum which has clear progression in subject knowledge and skills.

To have high expectations for all our pupils and aim to provide high quality teaching and learning which ensures the needs of all children are recognised and met.

To provide an environment that promotes a love of learning with a spirit of fun and curiosity.

To provide our children with the skills and knowledge they need for the next stage of their education and the confidence to flourish in an ever changing world.

To create a culture of achievement and best effort by celebrating the personal, social and academic success of everyone in our school and encourage our children to be proud of who they are.

To provide a safe and secure environment in which all individuals are nurtured and encouraged.

To develop compassion, empathy, consideration and respect for people in our diverse local and global community.

To build and maintain strong links with parents and the wider community.

To develop perseverance and resilience in all our children so they can experience success in their learning and overcome challenges.

To use the local community and facilities to enhance our curriculum.

To educate our children to be kind, compassionate and respectful towards all.