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School Council

These children have been voted democratically to represent their classes in the school council.

Our School Council have been busy finding out your views and making important decisions!

In Autumn 2020 the School Councillors had a mission to ask each of their class mates to choose a name for the new learning room at the front of the school. Each class voted democratically and took the name to the School Council meeting. The school council then voted and the name that won the vote was ‘Foxes room.’

We will keep you up to date with each mission that the school council have.


In Spring 1 2018, the councillors found out about how safe their classmates thought our school was and what they would do if they ever felt unsafe. This is what they found out. We shared this information with the school governors.

School Council Meeting Spring 1 2018

In Autumn 2 2017, the councillors found out about what their classmates thought about the new school dinner menu. This is what they found out! We shared this with Clare, our school cook.

School Council Task Results Autumn 2 2017